Bede’s Prep Welcomes iSpace Wellbeing for Informative Talk


On Friday 3 May, parents of Year 1 to Year 5 children at Bede's Prep enjoyed a presentation from Paula Talman, the creator and founder of iSpace Wellbeing.

iSpace Wellbeing is the programme of study to promote mental wellbeing for children that is currently followed by Bede's Prep for Years 1 to 5. The School will be rolling out the programme to Years 6, 7 and 8 in September this year.

Bede's promotes both physical and emotional wellbeing, enabling children to feel safe and secure and enabling them to fully focus on their studies and access all areas of the curriculum, therefore helping them to achieve happiness and fulfilment in all they do. This inevitably helps pupils on their journey through the Prep School and equips them to help deal with all that the world has to offer them.

iSpace Wellbeing, facilitated by the pupils' Form Teachers, gives children the techniques and tools they need to recognise their emotional wellbeing and identify any times when they need extra support from an adult. This hopefully helps to avoid situations becoming overwhelming and having a negative impact on a child's day-to-day emotional wellbeing. 

Paula explained the programme, which encourages self belief, doing the right thing for the right reason, and understanding and embracing differences - plus much more.

Paula also reminded parents that it was just as important that they look after their own mental wellbeing as well as their child's, and factor in some time to pursue the interests that make them feel relaxed and instil happiness.

Paula demonstrated how to use the support card pack, and explained the language of iSpace that the children will be using in their iSpace lessons. She concluded the presentation with an introduction to the exciting programme of emotional wellbeing for Year 7 upwards, #iWonder, which we are looking forward to rolling out in the Autumn Term.

Many thanks to Paula and all attending parents for making the event such a success.

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