Bede's Prep Takes Part in LitFilmFest


LitFilmFest has been an exciting presence at school over the past term.

The buzz from classrooms have spilled into the corridors, including pupils filming their work; interviewing members of staff or energetically performing poetry. The projects culminated with the filming of finished work when both pupils and staff learnt greatly about the technical aspects of recording shots and performing in front of the camera.


With the enthusiasm, energy and creativity propelled into this final production, it may have appeared that the focus of our English lessons was no longer in building literacy skills. However, within this short span of time, between the introduction of the projects and its filming, reading and writing were intensive. Children developed their skills in analytical close reading and used published quality texts as a model to create their own original compositions as well as collaborating to create a class written piece ready for filming.


Creativity lies at the heart of our English curriculum and is reflected in the pupils’ own imaginative output. The enthusiastic response to the national Wicked Writing Competition is testimony to the high numbers of pupils who enjoy creative writing both in and outside of the classroom, producing imaginative compositions of such high-quality. In the Summer term, we look forward to publishing a selection of children’s writing in the Prep’s first anthology of original compositions.

De Bono wrote that ‘Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.’ In the same way, we enjoy seeking fresh and innovative ways to deliver the English curriculum as well as preparing our pupils in 21st century skills. Whether it be through exciting and challenging texts or the use of digital literacy as a tool in the classroom, our pupils are continually being creative – responding to texts, expressing ideas and using their imagination to produce something new and original.


The children’s hard work through writing, rehearsing, acting, filming and editing came together in the première showing of LitFilmFest projects on Thursday 28 March at the Senior School. Parents, children and staff were treated to a festival celebrating their edited and polished film projects. It showed a magical culmination of both teacher and pupil commitments to literacy and writing for a purpose with LitFilmFest projects.

The projects were broad and developed invaluable literacy skills yet shared a common philosophy: to prepare all pupils to lead purposeful, fulfilling and successful lives.


Year 2 and Year 5 projects, entitled ‘Why I Play’, promoted creativity, collaboration, positive mental wellbeing through poetry. Year 3 considered what constitutes a healthy diet for top athletes in their design of an appetising and fuel-promoting lunch for the England World Women’s Football team, The England Lionesses. Whilst Year 4 tackled a current ecological problem - bottled water – through a persuasive article. Last, but by no means least, Year 6s investigated topical national issues affecting education and built on their persuasive skills to show a political process in action.

We have been proud to host our first LitFilmFest which has been so enjoyable to produce whilst embracing the development of 21st century digital skills alongside traditional literacy skills.

Bede's Prep parents can watch the film on the Bede's Parent Portal.

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