Year 3 Enjoy School Sleepover Fun


Year 3 recently enjoyed a very exciting sleepover at school!

On Friday morning, the children arrived with their overnight bags with beaming smiles and buckets of excitement.

After a morning of lessons, Year 3 took their bags to Downs House and located their bunk beds for the night.


After a quick change into home clothes and teddies settled on their beds, everyone headed down to the beach for a walk to enjoy the fresh air. The children entertained themselves constructing sculptures, hunting for fossils or playing games.


Once back at Holywell, the children enjoyed an ice lolly, chatting and relaxing with their friends or playing football.


After a delicious dinner, the boarders joined the children and played games including Splat and Duck, Duck, Goose with them. Laughter filled the astro, it was wonderful to see everyone having so much fun together. As the sun set, children gathered around the campfire to toast marshmallows.


To end the evening, the children gathered to watch ‘Despicable Me’ and enjoyed hot chocolate and birthday cake provided by Bertie. Then we all headed over to Downs House for a well-earned rest.  

The children were all brilliant overnight and should be very proud of their achievement. Early risers played board games and kept themselves entertained until everyone in their dormitory was awake. After packing and tidying, we all went across for a delicious and well-deserved breakfast.


Parents arrived shortly after breakfast and took home very contented and happy children, having experienced the fun and excitement of a sleepover with your friends in Year 3.


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