Year 6 Enjoy Residential Trip to Worcestershire


On a very early Monday morning, 6am to be precise, the whole of Year 6 set off for three days away in Worcestershire.

Our destination was Bell Heath Outdoor Elements, a residential activity centre. The children were buzzing with excitement when we arrived, and once we had them off the coach and into their dormitories the fun began – they had to make up their own beds! Then it was straight outside for an afternoon of activities, high ropes, low ropes, pole stacking to name but a few and more importantly an opportunity to begin forging new friendships and develop new skills.


Plenty of sunshine and excitement helped the afternoon to whizz by and before we knew it we were trooping into dinner and another opportunity for some new found independence ‘clean up duty’. The evening saw us showered and in our PJ’s ready for our home made cinema session including popcorn. Such an early start meant that bedtime went relatively smoothly and the fun of being in a room with friends old and new made it all the more enjoyable.


Tuesday saw the children up bright and early and good weather meant a football match was being played at 6am. Breakfast and the opportunity to make your own sandwiches for lunch saw us heading off to our first appointment at Birmingham’s Think Tank museum, possibly one of the best interactive science museums in the country. Our destination was the museum’s Planetarium and a fascinating trip around the planets.

We then made our way to our second appointment a visit to the Space Academy. The children got really involved in this activity, and were calling out suggestions to the two teams involved in packing their bags for a ride to the International Space Station. Who knew that they don’t take bread as the crumbs might clog up the machinery!


All too soon we were off again to our final destination of the day, and on the coach the excitement was palpable: our destination was Cadbury’s World. A tour round the factory, and a trip through the history of the cocoa bean and how it became the ‘glass and a half’ chocolate we all know and love was very interesting. The highlight of the day for all of the children was the individual cup of melted chocolate they were given and the visit to the largest chocolate shop in the world.

Mr Fasciolo-Barnes would have been pleased to hear how much mental arithmetic went on as the children worked out exactly how many chocolate bars they could afford with their pocket money. Back at our accommodation, the children teamed up for our evening activities: orienteering and a campfire with songs, as well as making our own toast and hot chocolate around the fire.


Wednesday was our final day, and began with packing, stripping beds and tidying rooms. The destination today was Warwick Castle, and a chance to see what we could remember from our History lessons. I am proud to say that during the Trebuchet talk the Bede’s pupils gave most of the answers.


Reflecting on why this trip was so important, of course the education benefits are clear but it is perhaps those skills learnt that our not so obvious that are even more so. Being away from home – perhaps for the first time – developing independence, extending their understanding and knowledge of the world, and improving their social skills through working as part of a team all made this trip a fantastic opportunity for our Year 6 pupils.


Or, as was more eloquently summed up by a parent who very kindly emailed me about their child’s experience: “The Birmingham trip has had rave reviews from the children, and they are still buzzing from it. New friendships have been strengthened and it’s been a huge confidence boost – so lovely to see.”

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