Year 7 French Classes Enjoy A Week In Normandy


Year 7 recently spent a week at Château de la Baudonnière in Normandy, which hosts schools wishing to take part in a French language immersion programme.

Our pupils were in for an action-packed few days!

The pupils began their week of activities with a lesson in fencing or ‘escrime’ whilst others played team games involving low ropes. After a hearty lunch, the children headed to the kitchen for some bread making or ‘fabrication du pain’, which involved kneading, throwing and singing to their loaves of bread! The evening concluded with a sports tournament whilst we watched sun set after what had been a fulfilling and enjoyable day.


Day two commenced with a glorious sunrise and freshly baked baguettes that awaited us for breakfast. The children the headed off for a morning of activities. Today saw them learning about raft building (‘fabrication de radeaux’) and soon they were able to put their new skills to the test. Whilst some children got a sinking feeling during raft building, others were jumping for joy on the trampolines in a game of aeroball.


The arrival of day three meant only one thing, market day! Upon arrival at Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouet the children were allowed to explore the busy stalls of the market with their friends. Back at the château, the children took part in archery, competing to be the next Hawkeye! To finish the day, the children immersed themselves in French culture with an evening of French lessons. Bellies were soon rumbling and the children were greeted with the sweet garlicky smell of ‘escargots’ for dinner!


On the penultimate day, the children took part in French lessons, played games of aeroball and spent the afternoon climbing. Then it was time to change in to our French costumes for a BBQ and talent contest with the other schools. Bede’s Prep put on a wonderful performance of ‘Do You Hear The People Sing’ from the West End Musial Les Misérables. We were immensely proud of their efforts, particularly as they performed in front of an unknown audience.


The children finished the week by completing an assault course and getting very muddy and relaxing on the beach. It has been a pleasure to spend the week with Year 7 and we hope they enjoyed the trip as much as we did.


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