William Steps Into Mr Entwisle's Shoes For The Day


One of the auction items from the biennial Friends of Bede’s Spring Ball, held earlier this year at Blackstock Farm, was the opportunity for a pupil to be the Headmaster or Headmistress for the day. 

The parents of William, aged 9, won this item after some competitive and incredibly generous bidding, and in May, William stepped into Mr Entwisle’s shoes for the day. In his own words, William described being Headmaster as ‘sincerely great’. Mr Entwisle agrees.

William had a busy schedule to keep up with, and started the day off by attending staff briefing. From the moment he walked into the staff room, bellowing ‘good morning, staff’, we knew that William was a born leader! His fellow Year 4 classmates were overjoyed to see William walking out of the staffroom, and around the school in his super smart new suit, making sure pupils had their shirts tucked in. 


A behind-the-scenes tour was organised by Mr Sherwood, Head of Maintenance, and William had a good look at all the engineering work and air filtration systems above the kitchen, the swimming pool and the new boiler currently being fitted (from a very safe distance!) and other top-secret locations within the school. William then made some essential phone calls, and dictated an important letter to his PA, Mrs Betteley, before heading outside to do morning break duty, ensuring pupils were having a good time both on the astro and in the computer rooms.

After break, it was time for William to head off with our groundsman, Ralph, to do a routine inspection of the Hollow. William was delighted when he learned he would be riding on the gator, our electric vehicle that gets Ralph around the extensive campus including The Hollow. It was a beautiful sunny day – perfect for being outdoors at the foot of the downs - and this was, by far, William’s favourite part of the day. 

Before we knew it, it was lunchtime.  William ate lunch with the other staff, before being whisked away by Mrs Betteley to have a ‘business meeting’ with the Chair of Governors, Mrs Geraldine Watkins. After a successful meeting, William clearly delighted in showing Mrs Watkins his favourite parts of the school, popping into classrooms along the way to make sure everything was as it should be.


Finally, as a reward for doing such a fantastic job as Headmaster, William hosted a tea party for himself and a few friends in the Headmaster’s Study. Our fantastic Catering Team put on a delicious afternoon tea, and the homemade chocolate cookies were devoured in no time at all!

William threw himself wholeheartedly into the role of Headmaster; he had a fantastic day, and we will no doubt be seeing much more from this energetic young man in the future. Mr Entwisle is confident that pupils will be paying careful attention to their personal dress, too!

On a separate note, we wish to thank William’s parents so very much for such a generous offering to support ‘Ronald McDonald House’; the chosen charity of the Friends of Bede’s and this year’s Spring Ball.


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