Geographers Enjoy An Olympic Day Out


This term, Year 8 visited the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, East London as part of their studies of settlements. 

This was chosen as it is perhaps the finest example of urban regeneration in the country in recent years, and one which has sustainability at its heart. Despite not knowing much about the area of the Lower Lea Valley before its transformation, many of the pupils had a sense that they were exploring a very special area; indeed several commented on how it was hard to believe that they were so close to the centre of London.


We enjoyed an informative guided tour around the park learning all about the changes that had taken place, and how the area was constantly developing. The children all said they would love to return to explore the Olympic venues including the Aquatic Centre and the Velodrome!

In a follow-up lesson, the children discovered what the area was like prior to regeneration by conducting an Environmental Quality survey based on photographic evidence of the industrially derelict area. This further helped them to appreciate just how much and how successfully the area had been transformed and improved socially, economically and environmentally.


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