Boarding at Bede's Prep

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At Bede's Prep School, we have over a century of experience fostering safe, secure and happy boarding environments.

Children who board at Bede's are encouraged to excel in their own pursuits and to begin to take responsibility for themselves during their time here. Then, as they become older, we enable them to take a certain amount of responsibility for others too.

We do this because we want the children grow and develop in their own aspirations - to be empowered by an independent spirit, resolve and myriad skills and abilities - but to understand that their happiness is predicated on the happiness of the people around them.

It is important for each child to thrive as part of a multicultural community, to understand and learn the social skills required to appreciate the needs of others, and to flourish; we achieve this by encouraging the children to pursue their hobbies and interests and participate in house activities, sharing their knowledge and experiences and enabling the children to learn from one another.

As a Boarding team, we collaborate across the Bede's family of schools to inspire curiosity and enrich the Bede's boarding experience, making it world class and truly exceptional.

We do this because we are truly passionate about and dedicated to supporting and enriching the lives of the children in our care.

David Newberry
Our aim is to get the children to feel part of a family; one that works hard, plays hard but above all looks after each other.

David Newberry, Deputy Head and Designated Safeguarding Lead