Meads End Boarding House

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It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to Meads End and the very large family that lives within our home.

We are a warm and friendly bunch, students and staff, who work hard, play hard, and above all look after each other.

We want the house to feel like home during the school term and have a lot of fun; during the week we have early evening activities on a Tuesday and Thursday as well as a movie night on a Wednesday.  There is also down time which is often filled just by being with friends in the house relaxing.

We feel it is important to get the balance of structured activity, relaxation and school work right, and our weekly boarding meetings with all members of the house help us to keep that balance.

The weekends are relaxed in the house and we try and keep things simple.  We enjoy a walk with our house puppy, Molly, or a game of football in the park or a trip to the shops, or a bit of baking depending on how we are all feeling. 

We also make the most of Bede's Prep School's facilities and use the computer rooms, the art block, astro turf or sports hall for a bit of extra fun, all of which is fitted in around our Saturday sports fixtures.

We always have a trip out somewhere over the weekend, including everything from going to the theatre, indoor laser golf, lazer quest, urban jump, roller skating, and much more besides - all of which are decided upon by the children. 

Whilst there is a team of staff to look after the boarders, we find that they are very good at looking after each other and themselves. This is something we strongly encourage as we continue to push our agenda of independence and confidence in all our boarders.

We also have House Prefects for all our new children to go to, but ours is the kind of boarding house where you can ask anyone a question and they will all help.

Last but not least, if you would like to know more about life at Meads End then do please get in touch.

Meads End Boarding House staff

I am passionate about helping pupils achieve their potential whilst developing a love for school and learning.

Amy Snelling, Meads End Houseparent and Teacher of French