Chill and Chat Club


Chill and Chat Club started as a group meeting in 2011.

It is run twice a week during lunchtime and is totally voluntary.

It was recognised that children can live with varying degrees of stress whether at home or school and they could not always deal with this on their own.

The idea was to give them a place to be heard and coping strategies which may not take the problem away but can help them through difficult situations. 

The purpose of the group is to offer a safe and empathetic environment for the children to raise any concerns or issues.

A major benefit to group work is the interaction that takes place within the room. There is often an element of fun using role-play, games and other art based activities. Each session is confidential unless protection issues are raised, all children are aware what is discussed at Chill and Chat Club stays in Chill and Chat Club. 

Joe Badham
As School Welfare Officer I hope to help our pupils to become more resilient, whilst also reassuring them that help is always available when they need it

Joe Badham, School Welfare Officer