Form Teachers and Personal Tutors

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The quality of Pastoral Care provided at Bede's Prep School is absolutely unparralleled, and this is only possible because of our innovative Form Teacher system. 

Every pupil at Bede's Prep School has a Personal Tutor linked to their Year Group. These Personal Tutors are responsible for ensuring that the children in their care are thriving at Bede's.

This process starts as early as the Bede's Baby Unit, where Key Workers take on this all important role, and it lasts all the way through to Year 8.

Where Personal Tutors have concerns about a pupil's progress or emotional wellbeing it is the Personal Tutor's job to find solutions to these issues. They work constantly with parents to enable the children at Bede's to maximise student potential and ensure the best possible academic outcomes.

In the Junior Years of the School (up to Year 5) the children are also taught by their Personal Tutors for the vast majority of their timetable, with these Tutors being known as 'Form Teachers'.

As Form Teachers spend so much of the week with the same pupils they know each individual learner extraordinarily well and can tailor learning resources to suit particular learning styles.

Aside from Form Teachers, Bede's Prep School boasts a large number of 'Specialist Teachers'. These Specialist Teachers host lessons for children in the Nursery upwards for a limited number of periods a week in subjects like ICT, Music and Art.

When the children reach the Senior Years (Year 6 upwards) they stop spending so much time with their Form Teachers and see an increase in their hours with Bede's Prep's Specialist Teachers to prepare them for Common Entrance.

This means that, while Year 6 is a transitional year, by Year 7 and into Year 8 Personal Tutors are liberated to help Bede's Prep School pupils to look ahead, plan their future and reflect on the people they are becoming.

David Newberry
Our aim is to get the children to feel part of a family; one that works hard, plays hard but above all looks after each other.

David Newberry, Deputy Head and Designated Safeguarding Lead