The "Buddy" System

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Every pupil who joins Bede's Prep School is allocated a "Buddy" - a child who has been at Bede's Prep School for some time and who will show them the ropes.

To ensure that every Buddy will go about their duties in the best ways possible, we provide Buddy Training which teaches prospective Buddies how to talk to new pupils with confidence, how to make sure each new student is receiving everything they need and which areas of the School (and life within it) might need a bit of explanation.

Over time, we typically find that Buddies and new students drift apart as new pupils make new friends and become increasingly integrated into their year groups. During this transition, each Head of Year works closely with Personal Tutors, Buddies and new pupils themselves to identify if any aspect of the system might be honed and improved.

This process has been in place almost since the School's inception, giving us over a century of experience in welcoming new pupils to Bede's Prep School.

For this reason, we believe that it is the best example of a Buddy System that you will find at any school of our type.