Prep School Prefects

14 Prep School Boy At Front Of Class Smiling Giles Entwisle

Prefects at Bede's Prep School tend to be rather extraordinary people.

Appointed during Year 8 - the final year at Bede's Prep - our Prefects have normally shown their mettle across many years of hard work. This might be in the Academic arena, on the Sports pitch or within the Pastoral life of the School in general.

Having spent their time investing in the continued enrichment of the Bede's Prep School community, as Prefects these pupils enjoy additional responsibilities - such as helping with events or in the running of aspects of the school - as well as special opportunities.

This includes regular meetings with the Headmaster, Director of Studies and Deputy Head and the opportunity to, with the help of teachers, run their own Co-Curricular Activities and/or Options.

These factors all combine to ensure that, by the time they leave us, Prep School Prefects are prepared to not only thrive at Senior School but to also take on leadership roles from the moment they start Year 9.

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