School Council

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The School Council is a forum where the pupils of the school can put forward ideas to improve the day-to-day running of the school for the benefit of the whole school community.

In doing so, the children have the possibility to feel that their 'voice is heard' and that they are an important part of Bede's.

Each year group is represented by 2 elected representatives. These elections take place at the start of each academic year.

There is also an elected representative from the Boarding House. 

The council is chaired by a senior member of the teaching staff.

Each year group has a suggestion book where any pupil can write down items they wish discussed at the School Council.  The elected representatives are then responsible for presenting these suggestions and reporting back to their year groups.

The member of staff responsible will forward comments to the staff and Senior Team and also publish minutes of the meetings. These are published in every form room as well as in Meads End.

The School Council are a respected and, at times, formidable group who have managed to forge though quite a few changes to the way the school is run!

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