For All Faiths and None


Growing in faith and developing one's own spirituality is a journey and as a Prep School we seek to provide opportunities for individual and corporate reflection and investigation.

This might take the form of a supportive network of likeminded pupils or more lively debate. The possibilities are endless and the Chaplaincy team is keen for any suggestions to be made.

For those pupils who come from the Christian tradition, the Chaplaincy team will support the development of this faith through all means possible. For those who adhere to a faith tradition other than Christianity, the Chaplain seeks to foster an environment that is conducive to the development of that faith. This might also include making contact with a local leader of that particular faith group. For all pupils, the Chaplaincy team are available for discussion on any topics that might be of interest. Whilst these might be of a spiritual nature, they might also be about the more mundane or practical. The Chaplaincy team is there to listen to all and be available to any.

It is the hope of the Chaplaincy team that pupils who would like any support in their faith will make themselves known at the earliest opportunity upon their arrival at school or as and when needed during the school year.