About the "Sections" System

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The children and staff at Bede's all belong to a "Section" - our equivalent of a House.

Children from the same family all belong to the same Section (of which there are 4 - Hawk, Eagle, Raven and Falcon).

The children try to gain as many points for their section each year as they can to win the Section Cup, which is awarded in the Final Assembly during the Summer Term.

Section Points are used as our main positive system of rewards and Teachers use Section Points to recognise the good things which the children do as often as possible and to ensure that they feel valued as members of the school community. This system also drives our positive approach to discipline in which all success is celebrated.

The Sections also compete against each other to gain points in cricket, football, rugby, swimming, cross-country running, rounders, tennis, hockey, netball, quizzes, a music competitions and the track and field events on Sports Day, and the Children receive badges for winning points during the year.