Pupil Stories

  • Isaiah, Aged 11

    I love the satisfaction of scoring goals, but the best thing is working as a team – and that’s Bede's really.

    Isaiah, Aged 11 Interviewed in 2016
  • Olivia, Aged 12

    The best thing about this School is that it creates moments when I sit back and think, I really could do anything.

    Olivia, Aged 12 Interviewed in 2014
  • Tom, Aged 11

    I joined Bede’s in the Nursery and since day one I have loved the atmosphere. It’s such a friendly place.

    Tom, Aged 11 Interviewed in 2014
  • Saffy, Aged 11

    There are two main things that have run through my whole life. One is Bede's, the other is Tennis.

    Saffy, Aged 11 Interviewed in 2013
  • Tom, Aged 11

    You might say I have Science in my blood. Every day I find out about new things and am challenged in different ways.

    Tom, Aged 11 Interviewed in 2013
  • Rosa, Aged 12

    Playing all the instruments I do means that I'm really busy, but I love it and the school has really supported me.

    Rosa, Aged 12 Interviewed in 2012
  • Flynn, Aged 12

    Bede's has been an amazing place to go to school. The teachers are always there to help and push you to be better.

    Flynn, Aged 12 Interviewed in 2012
  • Amira, Aged 13

    I've been a boarder at Bede's for two years, and I mostly came because of the Legat School of Dance.

    Amira, Aged 13 Interviewed in 2012