Flynn, Aged 12

I joined Bede's a year ago, when my family moved down from Richmond in London.

I still remember my first meeting with the Headmaster. It was raining and I was so anxious. He told me I had won a special scholarship for film, and that was the proudest moment of my life so far.

From that day on, Bede's has been an amazing place to go to school. You are definitely expected to work hard, but the teachers are always there to help and push you to be better.

For example, when I first came to the school I was really scared of standing up in front of people. Mrs Brundle was so encouraging though that I ended up acting in 12 Angry Pigs, the Year 7 mini-play.

My best day here so far was the day we went down to the beach for Integrated Studies.

Our Science, IT and Geography teachers were all there to teach us about Coastal Erosion. With the sea rolling in and the cliffs in front of us, it was amazing.

My hope is to one day go to Film School. For now, the film making facilities here and at the Senior School are really useful and I feel like I have so much to learn.

At the moment I'm making a film about Bede's. I've had so much support from Mrs Parris, who is helping me to get it ready to screen on Prize Giving day.

Although I'm nervous about it, I'm so glad that I go to a friendly school that helps me express myself and pushes me to pursue my dreams.


This interview was conducted in the Summer of 2012. Flynn is now in the Lower Fifth at the Senior School and is a member of Deis House

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