Olivia, Aged 12

I have been at Bede's Prep for five, going on six years now and I'm sad to be in my last year. Ever since I first joined in Year 3 it has been so friendly and welcoming. The idea that I might be leaving soon hasn't really kicked in.

As a person, I like a bit of everything. My favourite subjects are English and Drama, particularly when lessons are focussed on creativity. My teachers make learning really fun and I find myself remembering things without really having to try. Putting in that extra effort is important to me though. I feel so proud of myself when I know I've done my best.

I joined the Drama Masterclass in Year 6, which happens after School.  I have been in several productions since joining, from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe to Goodnight Mister Tom. It has helped me to learn that working your socks off can be very satisfying!

For the last 2 years my sister Maisie and I have been running a Crafting Blog online. I do more of the knitting and Maisie does more of the sewing. Art provides me with ways of expressing myself. As I'm 12, I can't be certain about who I am, but being creative provides lots of opportunities to experiment.

That is the best thing about going to School here - aside from my friends and the brilliant teachers. With all the choices I can make about how to spend my time, it creates moments when I sit back and think, I really could do anything.