Rosa, Aged 12

I throw myself into everything, but Music has always been my passion.

When I arrived at Bede's I was already playing piano and violin, but with Mr Hughes' help I have taken up guitar, drums, singing and music theory. He tells bad jokes, but he's always smiling and gives me so much confidence.

Playing all the instruments I do means that I'm really busy, but I love it, and the school helps me find ways to make my timetable work. That's important, because there are always more things to try here.

French, for example, is something I had no idea I would like, but Mrs Gray kept telling me I could do it, and she was right.

A year ago I couldn't speak a word of French. It's been intense, but now I can speak French and am thinking about taking up Spanish and German too.

And Mr Childers in Science, blowing up jelly babies using test tubes and Bunsen Burners. I actually learn things about the way the world works in his lessons. He makes them fun and interesting at the same time.

Part of the reason I'm so interested in languages now is all of the friends and faces I've come to know here. I've met people from all over the world, and although I'm a day girl I board sometimes. Not because I have to, but because I want to!

My dream is to go to performing arts college, and I hope to start composing music soon. My teachers say I can do it, and I believe them.

They make me feel really proud of myself.


This interview was conducted in the Summer of 2012. Rosa is now in the Lower Sixth at the Senior School and is a member of Bloomsbury House.

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