Saffy, Aged 11

There are two main things that have run through my whole life. One is Bede's, the other is Tennis.

I first joined Bede's in the Nursery, and my sisters and brother came here too. Two of them are now at University, one going this year and my other sister is in Year 7. We all do different sports - Cricket, Netball, Hockey, Tennis and Ballroom Dancing - and I think it's been quite challenging for my parents, supporting us with all our interests. They are both absolutely sport-mad though, so we must get it from them!

I have been playing Tennis since the age of 4 and have won quite a lot of prizes. At the moment, for example, I am top of the County Leader Board in my age group and recently earned County Colours.

It means a lot that the teachers at Bede's support and help me to keep up with my work. They make time to cover the things I've missed, which is important because I have a lot of matches during term-time and coaching outside of school.

My favourite subjects are Art, which I love because it's so inspiring and creative, and Languages. I'm really excited about starting Spanish next year. The language and culture of Spain are brilliant - as is the temperature!

The best part about Bede's Prep School though is how friendly and supportive everyone is. I have so many amazing friends and the teachers are just great.

They really have my back in everything I do.


This interview was conducted in the Summer of 2013. Saffy is now in Year 8 and continues to perform exceptionally both on the court and in the classroom.

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