Tom, Aged 11

I joined Bede's in the Nursery and since day one I have loved the atmosphere. It's such a friendly place and I'm a positive person, so it makes sense that I feel so happy here.

I'm passionate about sport but since I was tiny I have always been interested in English and History. My lessons with Mrs Brundle and Mrs Brown have really turned those interests into hungers.

In History for example, I am fascinated by the idea that the world has changed so much. Working backwards from the World Wars through the Industrial Revolution and the medieval period way back to 1066 really made me think about how society has evolved.

I read a lot of biographies too and find that they provide windows into periods of time. In particular, I love learning about how people deal with pressure.

Another of my loves is creative writing - especially novels. My favourite book at the moment is Swallows and Amazons but I love horror, science fiction and mysteries too. I recently read a book about Martin Luther King, for example, and that was really inspiring. Aside from the issues of his time it really made me think about how I speak in public.

I have been able to use some of what I learned in my role as the 1st team Football captain, although I play Rugby and Cricket too. Being around such talented sportspeople has definitely helped me to improve, and I'm the optimist of the group.

If we are ever losing, when I see chins drop and heads go down, that's when I'm at my best.

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