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At Bede's Prep School, our pupils are remarkably receptive and their passion is truly inspiring.

We support them, train them and guide them, preparing them to represent the School throughout the year in a dazzling variety of sports including Swimming year-round, Hockey and Football in the Autumn, Netball and Hockey in the Spring, and Tennis and Cricket in the Summer. 

Our training and fixture programme is expansive and our facilities are excellent. In addition to the Sports Hall and Swimming Pool on site, we have one pitch in the heart of the school and others in the Hollow, just a short walk away.

We also make use of world-class facilities at the Senior School, which boast some of the most incredible pitches, courts and equipment imaginable. This sharing of amenities and staff allows Bede's Prep students to access an extremely wide range of expertise.

Few Prep Schools can offer the international calibre of coaching found at Bede's Prep. These opportunities only improve and deepen year on year, making our Sport department not just good; it is exceptional.

We measure our success not only by the matches we win or 'elite' players we nurture. What really matters is that our pupils lead active lives, leave us able to work well in teams, are happy, healthy and will enjoy sport for the rest of their lives.

This is our mission, and we are successful in our endeavours. As you can see from the articles on this page, there is a great deal happening, so please join us for one of our many sporting fixtures, support our teams and the work they do and let us know your thoughts about Sport at Bede's Prep.

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Pupil Stories

  • Isaiah, Aged 11

    I love the satisfaction of scoring goals, but the best thing is working as a team – and that’s Bede's really.

    Isaiah, Aged 11 Interviewed in 2016
  • Tom, Aged 11

    I joined Bede’s in the Nursery and since day one I have loved the atmosphere. It’s such a friendly place.

    Tom, Aged 11 Interviewed in 2014
  • Saffy, Aged 11

    There are two main things that have run through my whole life. One is Bede's, the other is Tennis.

    Saffy, Aged 11 Interviewed in 2013
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