Bede's Senior School

Bede's inspires young people to achieve in every facet of their educational experience.

To do this, we place the individual and their passions at the heart of what we do.

Our philosophy of breadth and excellence in the academic curriculum as well as our range of cultural, aesthetic, intellectual and sporting activities outside the classroom serves our pupils' uniqueness very well.

Most importantly, these enriching experiences are open to everyone and not just an elite few.

Pupils, teachers and parents all have roles to play in the Bede's community, and we encourage everyone to set their sights high.

Our aim is for each child to make an outstanding contribution in all aspects of their lives: in school, in the local community and the wider world.

We will do everything we can to make that happen.

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More About Bede's Senior School
Dr Richard Maloney
Pupils at Bede's are encouraged to go beyond their academic successes to develop as whole people. We engage them in pursuits that liberate their creativity and talents, revealing their pathways to future success.

Dr Richard Maloney, Headmaster

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Pupil Stories

  • Edmund Cudlipp, Lower Sixth

    People need to know that this is the future of independent schooling. It’s quite a unique place.

    Edmund Cudlipp, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2014
  • Alice Potter, Upper Fifth

    My best experiences have been here. That's because I feel like I have a real stake in Bede's. It's really helped me grow.

    Alice Potter, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2014
  • Joe Billings, First Year

    I would like to play Cricket professionally, but success in my GCSEs and A Levels is really important to me.

    Joe Billings, First Year Interviewed in 2013
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