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The Animal Management buildings, situated by the Multi-Use Games Area, were originally used as the School's sports equipment and Duke of Edinburgh store rooms.

Plans were made in the early part of 2011 to convert the timber structured buildings and the works were carried out in-house by the Bede's Estates team during the summer of 2011.

With the specialised usage in mind, the building had to be adapted with special animal cages which could give the animals the ability to move into and out of the building.

Lighting, insulation, and all the fittings were installed so the new teaching facility was complaint and practical, and the Estates team installed a back-up generator to make sure the aquaria and reptiles were not affected by possible power failures.

Since the initial works in 2011, the Animal Management department has been engaged in a continuous programme of cage and enclosure building in order to create suitable habitats for the ever-changing roll of occupants.

Indeed, in recent years the efforts of staff and students, both in Animal Management lessons and Zoological Society activity-sessions after school, have seen Bede's qualify for the National Dormouse Captive Breeding Programme.

Primarily, of course, the Animal Management Unit is used for teaching the Sixth Form-only Animal Management course, in which 100% of pupils have achieved A*-B grades since the facility launched, and for the Bede's Zoological Society which takes place during activity timel.

In terms of amenities, aside from specific insulation, a strengthened floor, large kitchen and a standby generator, the Animal Management Unit boasts a modern classroom with accompanying computer suite, numerous fish and reptile tanks and both internal and external cages.

In September 2018, the Animal Management Unit opened a new extension including six brand-new enclosures, which house African birds, Madagascan lemurs, and South American squirrel monkeys. The zoo currently hosts over 70 species of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish and invertebrates.

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