Dorms House


The 'newly finished' Dorms House back in 1998!

Having been purchased some 18 months previously, Stud Cottages on the eastern side of Coldharbour Road were revamped and transformed in the "New Dorms" House in 1998.

What with the construction of the new Camberlot and Dorter boarding houses finishing in 2007 and the new Crossways and Stud development finishing in 2012, the "New Dorms" House is actually the oldest boarding house building at Bede's!

Having been adapted from cottages, it is not surprising that Dorms House feels more like a 'traditional' home, with a cosy Common Room, dozens of single and double rooms and three separate kitchens.

When visitors first enter Dorms they know immediately what the boys endlessly attest; Dorms is a true home away from home, and even though it does not boast photo-voltaic solar cells or internal lift systems, it is much loved by Bedians from all walks of life.

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