Kennels (Ceramics)

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Built over 100 years ago, the Kennels were converted into a classroom when the school was founded in 1978.

Ceramics has been taught in the Kennels for 30 years - for 10 years under the tutelage of Roger Whitmore and for the most recent two decades by Anthony Hammond.

In 2011, the old roof of the Ceramics building was replaced with a new one. To ensure total success in the task, the Estates team employed specialist carpenters to replace beams, barge boards and battens and also took the opportunity to insulate the roof to prevent heat loss

The charm and character of The Kennels was maintained using the existing ridge tiles, which have a specific colour and style, and we also refurbished the ornamental pillars outside.

The interior of The Kennels is constantly full of amazing work, laid carefully on racks waiting for the firing in the kiln or for painting. If you ever visit Bede's, you simply have to stop by!

Equipment includes two electric kilns (one English, one German), one glazing spray booth and two potter's wheels (one electric and one kick wheel, the latter of which was made in July 1945).

Bede's Ceramics department is extraordinarily successful, with students achieving 100% A*- B at A-level and GCSE for three years running.

Aside from Ceramics, the Kennels are also used for tutorials and Co-Curricular activities, with over 80 students passing through its doors each week.

Furthermore, there is said to be a hidden cellar below the Kennels, as identified in the original plans. What is down there, however, is a mystery.

Since the school was founded that part of the structure has never been explored...

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