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Now situated in an old Science Lecture Theatre, allowing the school to have a fully functional events space in the shape of the Recital Room, the Bede's library contains over 1000 DVD's and 12,500 books - from modern bestsellers to ancient tomes.

A diverse range of newspapers are delivered to the Library daily for the use and enjoyment of Bede's many pupils.

Alongside the papers, the Library also houses a number of weekly and monthly magazines encompassing a diverse range of topics and interests.

Aside from functioning as a reading, studying and researching space, Bede's Librarian Maria Vincent also uses the Library to run the Kindle Reading Group activity, which sees some of the school's e-readers loaned out to those students who choose to take part.

Open to boarders during the weekends, the Library also has an extensive DVD collection - which is one of its most popular features!

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