Perrin Building

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In 2002, Bede's said goodbye to its old "N block" classrooms and Science labs and in their place the two-storey Perrin Building was constructed.

Incorporating Deis and Bloomsbury Day Houses, the Learning Enhancement department and the Food and Nutrition kitchens, it is hard to believe that the Perrin Building is primarily used by the History, Politics and Business Studies faculties!

Constructed in-house by the Bede's Estates team, the Perrins Building was the first area at Bede's to convert to LED lighting, kicking off our rolling LED programme, and in Summer 2014 the Perrins Building's heating was linked to Bede's new Biomass Heating System.

Elsewhere, and due to popular demand, the Food and Nutrition area was extended in 2007 from one to two practical rooms, with Bloomsbury being redecorated in 2014.

Deis House is one of the next areas to be refurbished at Bede's, with works set to take place later in 2015.

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