The Chalets

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Part of the Orchard Room development which took place during Bede's rapid expansion in the 1980s, The Chalet's were originally known as 'Stud Yard'.

Until the mid-2000's, Stud Yard was the home to a large swathe of Bede's male boarding population, but with the completion of the new Dorms House followed by the Camberlot and Stud developments in 2007 and 2012 respectively, Stud Yard was latterly converted into a series of spacious classrooms.

Now known as The Chalets, and home to the bulk of the English department classrooms as will as the School Councillor, Sixth Form Centre and Music Studio, this area of the school is set for yet another radical transformation.

The Lakeside Classrooms are the first step in this grand development project, which will see the demolition of the current Chalet classrooms, Dicker House, Sixth Form Centre and Music Studio during a rolling development project set to last 3 years.

At the end of the project, Bede's will boast four new state of the art classroom buildings, each containing a number of new amenities aside from replacements for existing classrooms.

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