The Park

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Situated at the very heart of Bede's, The Park is mainly made up of a large, well-manicured lawn which sweeps down to Bede's ornamental lake and island.

At the top of The Park there is the Old Nursery - a Victorian walled garden - the Manor House and several stunning flower beds.

To one side of The Park is Bede's Recital Room, which is only a stone's throw from the Science Block, and through a small wooded area in which the new Lakeside Classrooms are located there are views through to Camberlot and Dorter House.

The first time most visitors come to Bede's their breath is taken-away when they see The Park; across the course of the year, families of ducks raise their ducklings there, in Summer it is home to the Prize Giving lunch, and in Autumn a huge stage is erected for Bede's Fest.

Those who live and work at Bede's never quite get used to seeing The Park. When the sun is shining, there are few more beautiful places in all of Sussex, and we are very lucky to boast such an incredible space in the middle of our School.

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