The Co-Curricular Deputy Head

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At Bede's we educate the whole person, and because of this we give equal importance to Academic, Pastoral and Co-Curricular aspects of life.

This holistic approach to education is not just an add-on. It is our strong belief that learning takes place beyond the confines of the classroom and, with this in mind, we place creativity, service and action at the heart of the pupil experience.

In practice, this means that Bede's pupils can pick from a wide array of over 100 clubs and activities and over a dozen sporting opportunities each week, with each pupil’s decisions guided by their Personal Tutor.

These Co-Curricular choices are important, in particular for our older pupils for whom the programme, in conjunction with the Bede’s Diploma, offers the opportunity to develop specialisms which meaningfully enrich their CVs.

Through this work, Bede's pupils are ultimately enabled to leave the school knowing who they are and what they want from life.

Furthermore, they do so with the skills and experience they need to pursue the things which matter most to them, whether that be a passion for additional languages, qualifications in climbing, sailing or experience of breeding endangered species at our Animal Management department.

Indeed, whatever a young person's needs, passions or interests, the Bede's Co-Curricular Programme truly enables them, increasing their confidence, broadening their horizons and building a sense of empathy which truly sets our pupils apart.

Rachael Woollett
There is no better job in all the world than mine. I love working with young people and hearing their ideas, aspirations and questions about life in general.

Rachael Woollett, Co-Curricular Deputy Head, Teacher of Religious Studies and Deis and Dicker House Tutor

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