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Jerry Lewis - Principal DH 5 9

One of Bede’s defining characteristics is our commitment to enabling every individual to become the very best version of themselves.

Fundamental to the success of this approach to education is our Personal Tutor system, with every girl and boy having a dedicated member of staff who looks after only a handful of pupils and who knows every one of them extraordinarily well.

Our Tutors are on hand to assist their tutees every single day and will help with whatever challenges they might face, be that navigating the many choices available to them at Bede’s, finding enrichment opportunities they might not have otherwise thought of or guiding them towards specialist advice.

Often this means enabling pupils to reach greater heights both academically and socially, or taking on leadership roles within the School such as on one of our House or School Councils, enacting changes to the way Bede’s runs which genuinely make a difference.

We also proactively work to promote emotional resilience, healthy living and mindfulness, and these endeavours are supported by everyone at Bede’s, from our Academic departments to our Houses, from the School Chaplaincy to our forward-thinking Health and Wellbeing Centre.  

This culture of proactive care permeates every aspect of life at Bede’s and is something we are exceptionally proud of, as enabling our pupils to be healthy, happy and productive is the most important thing we do.

Mr Lewis is the Designated Safeguarding Lead at Bede's and represents all of the independent schools in Sussex on the board of the East Sussex Local Safeguarding Children Board.

To read about the work of East Sussex LSCB, please click here.

Jerry Lewis
Making pupils count is what this place is about. Pastoral care is the most important thing we do.

Jerry Lewis, Principal Deputy Head

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