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As a school which caters to Day Pupils and Boarders, Bede's operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during term time.

This 'always open' approach means that although the School only formally opens at 8.00am and formally closes at 7.00pm, our pupils are welcome on site whatever the day of the week with prior arrangement.

Although our formal School Timetable technically starts with Lesson 1 at 8.30am and ends at 5.00pm, Breakfast is available from 6.30am, Twilight Sessions run into the evenings and the School Library is open until 8.30pm daily.

We also host a constant stream of evening events and activities to keep pupils busy outside of the traditional Monday-Friday, 8.30am - 5.00pm school day, and encourage Day Pupils opt into this programme as and when it suits them.

For example, although there is no formal Saturday School at Bede's, we have a busy and optional Weekend Programme which runs from Friday afternoons to Sunday evenings that Day Pupils can book to take part in via our MyBedes extranet service.

Rachael Woollett
There is no better job in all the world than mine. I love working with young people and hearing their ideas, aspirations and questions about life in general.

Rachael Woollett, Co-Curricular Deputy Head, Teacher of Religious Studies and Deis and Dicker House Tutor

Pupil Stories

  • Talisker Cornford, Lower Sixth

    As a result of my experiences at Bede's I have flourished over time and have learned to set an infinite potential for myself.

    Talisker Cornford, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2016
  • Kai Maxted, Upper Fifth

    I remember hearing about Bede’s accomplishments when I wasn’t here. Now I'm part of that. It makes me really proud.

    Kai Maxted, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2015
  • Ana-Maria Bologan, Upper Sixth

    Until I came here I don’t think I had ever really experienced quiet and calm. It has been such a change in lifestyle.

    Ana-Maria Bologan, Upper Sixth Interviewed in 2014
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