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The Bede's Art School has a national reputation as a centre of excellence.

The Art Department is a school within a school and boasts a variety of facilities and activities including Fine Art Studios, a Mac Graphics suite, a Victorian Printing Press, Life drawing classes, two Ceramics studios and two Darkrooms.

We believe art, when done well, is one of the most challenging and rewarding disciplines and also offers opportunities for progression into arts related careers. A third of all our pupils go on to study art-related subjects at degree level – including Fine Art, Graphic Design, Architecture, Photography, Animation, Product Design, Fashion, Photography and Foundation courses – at some of the top art universities including Central Saint Martins, UCL, Goldsmiths, Leeds and Falmouth.

The Bede's Art department has a national reputation as a centre of excellence due to the talented and imaginative work of the pupils and the expertise and passion of the staff. The department is home to eight dedicated full-time Teachers of Art and a Technician.

Year 9 pupils experience four exciting courses – Fine Art, Ceramics, Photography and Graphics. This gives the pupils a true sense of the subjects they can study at A Level and beyond. Pupils are inspired by one another: First Years see the work of the GCSE pupils; GCSE pupils are inspired by our A Level pupils and Bede’s Alumni often give talks to current pupils about their success in the creative industries.

At GCSE, pupils can choose between three separate courses including Art, Photography and Ceramics.

Each year, approximately 200 pupils take at least one art-based subject, and pupils have consistently achieved the highest grades and produced top-quality work, often going beyond GCSE level. In 2018, at GCSE 94% of candidates achieved an A*-A (Value Added 2.5) and over the past 10 years Bede's pupils have been consistently successful with 98% achieving A*-B.

In addition to learning a variety of skills and contextual knowledge, we place emphasis on each pupil creating individual work and developing their own creative ideas.

After the GCSE course, many pupils progress to A level study across the four endorsements – Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Photography and Ceramics. The pupils regularly gain excellent results and, more importantly, create work of a high standard. At A level, 100% of Bede’s candidates have achieved A*-C over the past 10 years. 

Throughout the department, pupils work in a variety of media and seamlessly blend tradition skills, experimentation and digital manipulation.

In a world dominated by the visual, the ability to understand and create engaging images is a skill that can lead to exciting careers in a variety of areas, while also allowing our pupils to appreciate the world in new ways.

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Jonathan Turner
We believe art, when done well, is one of the most important, challenging and rewarding disciplines.

Jonathan Turner, Head of Art and Design and Deis House Tutor

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