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A study of Economics will not provide solutions to all of the major concerns of the day, but it is imperative that these issues are debated and the problems understood.

Economics at Bede's aims to do this.

Should governments spend or save in a recession? Will increasing taxes on the rich help the poor? Should there be more or less regulation on businesses? Would the UK be better off leaving the EU? Would Scotland be better off leaving the Union? Has the Single Currency been a success or failure?

Economics pupils are encouraged to explore all of these issues and many more besides.  Current events are routinely debated and pupils are challenged to respond to the problems of the day and to develop their own view of the best way to construct a fair and equitable society.

Pupils will learn to appreciate that Economics and Politics are inextricably linked. They will appreciate the difficulty of making economic decisions in a democratic society. As Thomas Sowell stated;

'The first lesson of Economics is scarcity. There is not enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of Politics is to disregard the first lesson of Economics.'

Economics is a challenging and academically rigorous subject but it is stimulating and forces pupils to develop a viewpoint. After all Economics affects the lives of everyone and a broad understanding of how the economy operates is important if we are to make sound financial judgements and try to make sense of the political decisions that affect our everyday lives.

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Gareth Parfitt
My aim is to stimulate, challenge and inspire pupils to exceed their expectations and to grow and develop as independent, thoughtful people.

Gareth Parfitt, Head of Business Faculty and Deis House Tutor

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Pupil Stories

  • Edmund Cudlipp, Lower Sixth

    People need to know that this is the future of independent schooling. It’s quite a unique place.

    Edmund Cudlipp, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2014
  • Felicity Collins, Lower Fifth

    I want A and A* grades in every subject, so balancing my Academic passions with Riding can be very hard.

    Felicity Collins, Lower Fifth Interviewed in 2013
  • Marco Iurza, Upper Fifth

    I've always been ambitious, but being here has given me all the tools I need to achieve something remarkable.

    Marco Iurza, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2012
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Economics staff

My aim is to stimulate, challenge and inspire students to exceed their expectations and to grow and develop as independent, thoughtful people.

Gareth Parfitt, Head of Business Faculty, Senior Teacher (AFL) and Deis House Tutor


I love that Bede's is such a happy and safe environment in which pupils can flourish. The whole school is driven to help children reach their potential both academically and socially.

Richard Mills, Registrar, Teacher of Business and Economics and Dicker House Tutor

It is my job to inspire students at every step, and to help them to reach their potential.

Mark Rimmington, Director of Academic Performance, Teacher of Business Studies and Dorms House Tutor