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Design and Technology is a broad and intellectually demanding subject that has now evolved far beyond the traditional crafts of woodwork and metalwork.

The subject now encompasses a wide range of new skills and techniques that reflect advances in industrial manufacturing such as: Computer Aided Drawing (CAD), Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD/CAM), Control Systems and the use of microprocessors and smart materials.

Whilst it is important for pupils to continue to develop sound craft skills, the use of technology in recent manufacturing cannot be ignored and this should now be reflected in the work pupils undertake.

These new technologies have now become an important influence in the approach adopted within the department yet it is hoped that a balance can be struck and pupils are encouraged to use both the more traditional craft skills and ICT to enhance the quality and range of the products that they produce.

The underlying belief behind the work of the Design and Technology Department at Bede's is that all pupils can be encouraged to develop the skills of designing and making, and problem solving to a greater or lesser degree.

Through these skills pupils will develop an appreciation of what makes 'good' and 'bad' design and to become inspired young designers ready to take their studies further to GCSE, A Level, and to university and beyond.

We are proud of the achievements of each and every pupil within the department; whether or not they decide to take their DT studies beyond their First Year at Bede's.

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Design and Technology staff

I am truly passionate about helping students achieve things that they can be proud of, and do everything I can to help them.

Nick Potter, Stud Deputy Housemaster and Head of Design Technology

One of the greatest things about Bede's is the way it really supports young people in their ambitions, whatever those ambitions may be. It's a refreshing to work at such an open-minded school.

Jim MacDonnell, Deputy Bloomsbury Housemaster and Teacher of Design Technology

I think it's fundamentally important for young people to have the opportunity to take a project from a concept to completion - to make something imaginary physically real.

Nathan Wickens, Design Technology Technician