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At Bede's, we believe that Drama is not just a subject but a craft.

Helping our pupils to master control of their bodies, their voices and their expressions is a vital part of what we do.

Like any art form, Drama is about challenging audiences and practitioners into new ways of thinking, taking human beings on journeys, mental and physical, which change how they behave and interact with the world.

At Bede's, we have a professional approach to all of our performance work because we believe that being able to use the whole self to express an idea is vitally important.

A business presentation might seem a world away from a pantomime chorus line, yet in the Bede's Drama department we know that not only are the two related but that success in one is a likely signal of success in the other.

Whether a Bede's pupil is an aspiring actor, costumier, makeup artist or member of backstage crew, or even if they have never contemplated being involved in theatre before, the Bede's Drama department is a place where we find ways for everyone to learn and to express themselves.

To enable this, the department is located in and around our own Studio Theatre.

We engage pupils who study Drama or Theatre Studies academically and those who are only involved in our after school programmes, whether Junior or Senior pupils, teaching pupils how to work in teams, not how to upstage one another.

This all helps to make the Drama department at Bede's an incredibly welcoming place and, with this in mind, we hope that you join us soon for one of our up-and-coming productions.

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Karen Lewis
I relish building confidence and creativity in every individual so that they can achieve their full potential whilst at Bede’s and beyond.

Karen Lewis, Director of Performing Arts

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Pupil Stories

  • Max Mason, First Year

    Bede’s is a school for all types of people, and it helps you to see that you can be anyone and do anything.

    Max Mason, First Year Interviewed in 2016
  • Alice Potter, Upper Fifth

    My best experiences have been here. That's because I feel like I have a real stake in Bede's. It's really helped me grow.

    Alice Potter, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2014
  • Olivia Prince-Smith, Lower Fifth

    The best thing about Bede's is the way the school makes time for me to do the things I'm passionate about.

    Olivia Prince-Smith, Lower Fifth Interviewed in 2012
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Bede's Drama staff


I look to give tools to students to equip them for the challenges of life, assist them to make informed choices and help them appreciate what “kindness” to oneself and others really means.

Richard Waring, Production Manager