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Each year, Bede's drama department is thilled to be able to travel to take part in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The inaugural production in 2017 was 'Tartfuffe' and the 2018 performance was 'The Laramie Project' on 21-25 August. 

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Ruby reports on performing 'Tartuffe' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival below:

From our first day at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to our seventh, Bede’s company of dramatists immersed ourselves in Edinburgh’s multicultural city and thrived on the buzz of one of theatre’s most famous annual congregations.

Our company of nine students and three teachers took Moliere’s Tartuffe – a ridiculous and hilarious comedy about a posh, aristocratic family who find themselves duped by an imposter, to the Sweet Grassmarket venue in the centre of Edinburgh.

Due to the vast array of theatre available to Fringe attendees, the average audience at the festival is around six. We were, therefore, very happy to enjoy large audiences of around 40 for the various performances in our 60-seat venue!

Audience sizes steadily increased throughout the week due in part to our persistent fly leafleting and, more likely, our ad hoc performing on the Royal Mile dressed in our brightly coloured costumes and wigs, parading and dancing the streets.

We had to find great confidence to perform in front of the rubbernecked tourists, who were all being bombarded by leaflets from the thousands of shows on offer, but we seemed to do a good job of convincing them that Tartuffe was the one to see!

The tiring and demanding schedule of setting up, performing and clearing away our show each day did not to stop us from experiencing other theatre, and we saw shows varying from those commenting on current political and gender issues to new writing.

We saw fun takes on the classics and supported other school productions, with the most notable thing we saw being The National Theatre of Scotland’s new play Adam, which was a thought provoking and heart-wrenching play about transgenderism.

The play told the story of Adam’s journey from a female in Egypt to a man in Scotland as he fought across borders to find a place to be accepted. Joining in with the standing ovation afterwards, we left hugely moved and inspired by this courageous story.

Also brilliant was Cambridge University’s new musical SIX, a sparkling and hilarious production about King Henry the VIII’s six wives (yet another show that earned a standing ovation!)

The trip offered us all so much, not only confidence as performers and the fantastic opportunity of being part of a company, but also a newfound love for discussing and debating theatre.

We left physically exhausted but with a freshly discovered energy and excitement.

Definitely an experience I would love to repeat again in the future! 

Karen Lewis
I relish building confidence and creativity in every individual so that they can achieve their full potential whilst at Bede's and beyond.

Karen Lewis , Director of Performing Arts

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