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Our aim in the EAL department is to ensure that all overseas pupils, for whom English is not their first language, develop the necessary language skills to be able to thrive in their chosen subjects and to prepare them for life at university and beyond.

We are an experienced team with a proven record of success; in 2018 100% of pupils taking the IGCSE First Language achieved A*-C grades.

Alongside their GCSE and GCE courses, non-native speakers of English are required to study EAL within the timetable as part of their programme. On commencement of the course they are assessed to ensure they are placed in a class working at the correct level.

All pupils regardless of level follow courses leading to an appropriate exam at the end of the course. Those pupils who join us in the upper school will follow courses to meet their university entry requirements. Additional support is also available outside of timetable; this especially applies to the lower school and includes pastoral support as well as academic.

First Year (Year 9) pupils work towards one of the ESOL examinations-PET or FCE.

Fifth Form (Year 10 and 11) pupils work towards the IGCSE Second Language examination over two years.

Pre-Sixth pupils take either of the IGCSE exams, first or second language, depending on level. The level is determined through school reports and an initial test, and only those with strong writing ability are put forward for the first language exam.

Lower Sixth (Year 12) pupils take the IGCSE First Language exam, Cambridge Advanced Certificate or IELTS, once their university requirements have been assessed.

Upper Sixth (Year 13) pupils all work towards meeting the IELTS requirement for university entry in the UK, and must continue in EAL until they have met said requirements.

Jason Cook
I believe that education is about teaching children how to think, not what to think.

Jason Cook, Head of EAL and Dorter House Tutor

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Education is about teaching children how to think, not what to think.

Jason Cook, Head of EAL and Dorter House Tutor

I teach because education is the most powerful weapon against the injustice, inequality and deprivation suffered by mankind. And because I love it!

Lou Belrhiti, Teacher of EAL, Dorter House Tutor and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

The classroom gives the children an opportunity to discover and, in some cases, challenge information. It is truly the most exciting place to be.

Dino Dozgic, International University Applications Coordinator, Teacher of EAL and Camberlot House Tutor

I love teaching in general and English in particular, as I feel that education and the ability to use language truly empowers students.

Michelle Martin, Charleston Housemistress and Teacher of English and EAL

For me, there is nothing to rival the experience of seeing a non-native speaker developing the capacity to truly express themselves using a new language. The process is a joy to be part of.

Mary McKenna, Teacher of Spanish and EAL and Dorms House Tutor