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Bede's Food and Nutrition Department offers an experience very similar to a professional cookery school.

We have structured our courses to prepare pupils not only to know and understand food, but also to prepare them to work in the industry at the very highest level.

In facilities terms, the department comprises two very well equipped, modern, stainless-steel kitchens which accommodate groups of up to 14 pupils, plus a demonstration area.

During the First Year, we offer every pupil the opportunity to develop an understanding of food, nutrition, hygiene and safe practise. Our syllabus instils in them the fundamental methods, processes and theories necessary to prepare and cook a range of meals which will likely form the basis of their diets for years to come.

As pupils move through the school, they can learn to bake and are given a thorough and detailed training in the handling and storage of food, dietary requirements, cooking methodology, training in first aid, food preservation and how to use an enormous range of kitchen equipment.

In the Sixth Form meanwhile, we have until recently trained pupils in the principles of commercial cookery via the Certificate in Culinary Skills and Diploma in Culinary Skills. From 2014, working in partnership with Leiths School of Food and Wine, we have engaged our Sixth Formers in the Leiths Beginner Certificate in Food and Wine.

These courses include a diverse and rigorous set of principles, including the skinning and jointing of chicken, filleting fish, a large range of sauces and a plethora of baked goods.

From pastries through to confectionary, myriad desserts to the preparation of the full gamut of meats, these courses provide extremely valuable life skills on the one hand, but they also enable our pupils to go directly into employment on the other.

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Mary Leggett
I love helping pupils to grow, develop and reach beyond what they ever thought possible. The greatest reward is seeing young pupils transform into mature, capable adults.

Mary Leggett, Bloomsbury Housemistress and Head of Food and Nutrition

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