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Geography allows pupils to understand their place in our complex modern world; it is their passport to the world.

Pupils who have studied Geography at Bede’s are at a distinct advantage. They have the analytical and critical tools to make sense of their world and to confidently take their place in it as global citizens. Our Geographers study the social, economic, physical and political forces shaping our increasingly interconnected and globalising world. They confidently analyse these forces at a variety of scales; being capable big-picture thinkers when looking at global, regional and national scales, and focusing in on the detail to better understand how these forces shape their local environments, economies, cities and towns.

Why is a Bede’s Geography education likened to a passport to the world? As our pupils learn to think geographically, they are developing a sophisticated set of academic and real-world capabilities that give them an edge in making sense of the world and being ready to act on it. They can capably investigate, using a range of high-level research tools and skills. They are capable in identifying and explaining complex patterns and relationships. They develop their capabilities in literacy, numeracy and graphic skills and learn to communicate their ideas effectively across a range of media. Our Senior pupils are equally at home writing a report, conducting research, performing statistical analysis, presenting complex data in easy-to-understand formats or analysing spatial patterns. They also develop capabilities in bringing compassion, empathy and considered ethical stances to their enquiry.

The modern school Geography we choose to teach at Bede’s is focused on current issues and challenges. It is a far cry from the traditional geography taught a few decades ago. As examples, our pupils are capable in analysing international migrations, understanding climate change, making sense of the challenges of environmental degradation or natural hazards, assessing the impacts of globalisation and global trade, being aware of agencies tasked with global governance. They understand the physical forces shaping our landscapes but also recognise the ways in which the natural world interacts with the human world and how sustainable management is required if both are to survive and thrive.

A Bede’s Geographer marvels at the majesty, awe and wonder of our world. At the same time they are capable in effectively using their wide range of transferrable skills in their future study, professions, in business and as global citizens. Their Geography education is their passport to the world.

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Pupil Stories

  • Talisker Cornford, Lower Sixth

    As a result of my experiences at Bede's I have flourished over time and have learned to set an infinite potential for myself.

    Talisker Cornford, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2016
  • Joana Rosell, Upper Fifth

    The facilities and opportunities make a big impression, but the heart of the school is the welcoming, supportive community.

    Joana Rosell, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2016
  • Archie Taylor, Lower Sixth

    My introverted nature meant that I was never going to prosper at my old school, but Bede’s has enabled me to flourish.

    Archie Taylor, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2017
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