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It is said that Latin and Greek are dead languages, but at Bede's we know that the opposite is true.

Over half of all the words in the English language are rooted in Latin or Greek - every animal, plant, organ and bone in your body, every disease, all of them have a precise Classical name.

At Bede's, we know from experience that an expertly guided, personalised exploration of classical languages offers a fascinating way of training your mind to think in logical and linguistic ways - skills almost infinitely transferable to other disciplines.

Latin and Greek are taught by our skilled Classics specialists, with our bespoke syllabus structured around the greats of Classical Literature - Virgil, Ovid, Herodotus, Homer. Alongside these iconic and timeless texts, we value the use of varied educational strategies including classroom games, drama and interactive, digital activities to ensure that progress is inspiring, unpredictable, rigorous and fun.

We give each pupil the skills they need to become confident translators, interpreters, thinkers and logicians. The Classics department produces reflective, sophisticated, responsive analysts, pupils with a lifelong love and respect for our discipline and a love of Classics.

This page is the place to discover the new and exciting things that the Classics department is doing, so please check back regularly for updates and, if you have the time, to send us your thoughts and feedback about our work.

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    Max Mason, First Year Interviewed in 2016
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    This school makes you feel like you have a lot of doors open to you. For that, and many other reasons, I am really thankful.

    Anna Moody, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2013
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    I'm aiming to study English at University, but I keep getting distracted by things that make me feel passionate.

    Rowan Lewis, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2012
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