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One of the fundamental characteristics Mathematics is that, as a discipline, it is indefinable.

Maths at any level involves the study of quantity, structure, space and chance, though at Bede's we elaborate on these themes, moving deep into the applications of the subject.

The younger pupils at Bede's are given every opportunity to physically use the theories they learn, to see how numbers underlie every process - whether that be in human interactions or in how computer programs function.

As soon as they are ready, we facilitate strategies and methods to enable Bede's pupils to experience more complex, pressing aspects of the discipline.

We help them resolve the truth or falsity behind problems centuries old - problems that, since their solving, have made everything generally considered to be 'modern life' possible. We then accompany them on explorations of pure, highly complex problems, some of which have no solution.

In the Mathematics department at Bede's we believe in rigor, imagination and insight. We support young people to traverse levels of logic and abstraction, giving them the tools to confidently and inventively measure, calculate and test, to see that Maths is the one truly universal language.

Whether building a kitchen cabinet, engineering a new vaccine, tracking population migrations or designing video games, the alumni of the Bede's Maths department face the world with the knowledge that they can experiment, measure and truly understand.

This is because, by the time they leave us, they are fluent.

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Nicholas Abrams
My job is to help young people to see Maths, in the words of the great Albert Einstein, as the poetry of ideas. What more could a person look for in a vocation?

Nicholas Abrams, Head of STEM

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Pupil Stories

  • Nadia Gjerdingen, Lower Sixth

    The thing I would emphasise is that Bede's is geared towards helping every student become a better person.

    Nadia Gjerdingen, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2015
  • Edmund Cudlipp, Lower Sixth

    People need to know that this is the future of independent schooling. It’s quite a unique place.

    Edmund Cudlipp, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2014
  • Annabel Martirossian, Upper Fifth

    On my first day at Bede's, the big question in my mind was... Who am I? I had no idea of the person I wanted to become.

    Annabel Martirossian, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2012
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About Maths at Bede's staff

My job is to help young people to see Maths, in the words of the great Albert Einstein, as the poetry of ideas. What more could a person look for in a vocation?

Nicholas Abrams, Head of STEM and Knights House Tutor

I aim to instil an appreciation of the beauty of the ideas and applications of Mathematics and an awareness and tolerance of other people in our community.

Dr Andrew Carroll, Head of Fencing, Teacher of Mathematics and Dorter House Tutor

Education isn't about how much you have committed to memory. It's about knowing where to go to find out what you need and knowing how to use the information you get.

Scott Clark, Teacher of Mathematics and Camberlot House Tutor

I am motivated to help students fulfil their potential and gain a sense of accomplishment regardless of their level of perceived ability.

Nik Driver, Senior Housemaster and Teacher of Mathematics

I believe that teaching is an art, and may be the greatest of the arts. If we do our jobs well then we can empower young people to have limitless aspirations.

Jason Henham, Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of Mathematics and Dorter House Tutor

The single most inspiring thing about the students here is that they often go the extra mile, right across the ability spectrum.

Matthew Peattie, Deputy Dicker Housemaster and Teacher of Mathematics

Teaching is my second career, perhaps that is why I enjoy it so much. I try to convey that enthusiasm to my students.

Bill Richards, Head of Shooting, Teacher of Mathematics, Camberlot House Tutor and Activities Manager

I really enjoy the range of activities that I can become involved in as a teacher at Bede's and, as an enthusiastic amateur musician, I love helping with performances; the atmosphere is wonderful.

Elizabeth Shepherd, Teacher of Mathematics and Stud House Tutor

My aim is to help and encourage students to achieve more, whether that be in the classroom or outside of it.

Paul Wilkinson, Teacher of Mathematics and Stud House Tutor