Media and Film Studies

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In a globalised, digital world where so many elements of personal, family and professional life are mediated, it becomes imperative that pupils are critically aware, media literate and perhaps above all, curious.

How does the marketing industry seek to target our desires and our insecurities? Are Facebook, Google and Twitter really free or are we paying with another form of currency? Can a social network really start a revolution and bring down a corrupt government?

Who decides which stories make the news and which stories are ignored?  Do Hollywood films really contribute to increased violence in the real world?

And what about women's magazines and advertising... what role do they have to play in a culture said to be increasingly selfish, superficial and body-fixated? And Television... what an incredible device... more than sixty years old and still one of the most powerful and influential inventions ever. How has Film and Television contributed to Globalisation and Americanisation? 

Am I a product of the Television I have watched? Or is Television a product of me? What can I learn about a culture from the media it consumes and manufactures?

Film and Media pupils get to explore these sort of issues and many more besides. Alongside our classroom investigations we also make media ourselves.

Watch our Media Studies Student Showreel

Bede's Media Studies Student Showreel from Bede's on Vimeo.

From film trailers to short documentaries, magazine features to full print campaigns or web-based virals, you'll get the chance to get stuck in and learn and to be creative alongside qualified experts in their field. You'll learn how to collaborate on dynamic projects, from page to screen in supportive yet challenging environments.

At the end of the day, if you want to work in the Media and Film industries, then these courses will give you a great introduction.

But even if you want to be a lawyer or a graphic designer or a nurse, one thing is for sure. The mass media will be a significant presence in your life and if you know a bit about how it works, then you have an advantage that will help you to flourish, in whatever direction you choose.

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Richard Williams
For me, a classroom is a place where pupils can explore, learn, experiment, fail, succeed, and ultimately flourish.

Richard Williams, Head of Media and Film Studies

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    Ivan Friedman, First Year Interviewed in 2012
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Media and Film Studies staff

For me, a classroom is a place where children can explore, learn, experiment, fail, succeed, and ultimately flourish.

Richard Williams, Head of Media and Film Studies and Stud House Tutor

Creating a supportive and tolerant environment in which all are valued is my goal. I want students to leave feeling they have the confidence to succeed and the desire to make their world a better place.

Reu Hickman, Dorms Housemaster and Teacher of Media and Film Studies