A Level Modern Foreign Languages

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Bede’s A Level MFL courses in French, Spanish and German equip students with linguistic skills, cultural awareness and global understanding.

Not only do our A Level groups learn more about the mechanics of their chosen languages but they also discover how people live and use these languages on a daily basis.

In the Lower Sixth, students study two topics which introduce them to current trends in the target-language cultures and their artistic culture, including music, cinema and heritage.

In the second year, classes are then introduced to more complex issues such as the political system, the treatment of criminals and marginalisation within society.

Also during the Upper Sixth, students study a novel or play in their target-language before completing an independent research project on a topic of their choice related to a target-language country.

We also offer regular trips abroad for immersion into target languages and their cultures, and encourage pupils to make extensive use of online resources to develop up-to-date knowledge.

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Pupil Stories

  • Archie Taylor, Lower Sixth

    My introverted nature meant that I was never going to prosper at my old school, but Bede’s has enabled me to flourish.

    Archie Taylor, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2017
  • Talisker Cornford, Lower Sixth

    As a result of my experiences at Bede's I have flourished over time and have learned to set an infinite potential for myself.

    Talisker Cornford, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2016
  • Helen Clements, Lower Sixth

    It's strange when I think back. It sounds really cheesy, but I don't know how else to say it - I found myself here.

    Helen Clements, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2012
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A Level Modern Foreign Languages staff

When I joined Bede's I instantly felt that I had come to the right place: the linguistic and cultural diversity is so rich within the school community that pupils naturally develop an acute sense of alterity and tolerance.

Annie Bonheur, Teacher of French and Languages Coordinator

I aim to inspire every one of our students and support them to be the best they can be and feel confident participating fully in their lessons.

Veronique Ganivet, Resident Tutor in Dorter House and Teacher of French

I think learning new languages and about different cultures is amongst the most important things a person can do.

Eli Lopez, Teacher of Spanish and Crossways House Tutor

I firmly believe that the building of confidence through interactive learning and a range of dynamic activities is as vital as preparing our students well for their exams.

Lionel Pianet, Deis Housemaster and Teacher of French

If I manage to impart values to my students, over and above obvious linguistic skills, then I may call myself a successful teacher.

Henrik Rohmer, Teacher of German and Dorter House Tutor

Witnessing students become passionate about a country as they delve into its language and culture and revel in their newfound ability to communicate is uniquely rewarding.

Andrew Walker, Teacher of French and Spanish