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Music is a universal language, and at Bede's we truly understand it.

As an art form old as humankind, music represents a common bond between each and every culture.

It allows us to communicate beyond our national boundaries, through age ranges and across the divide of history.

For these reasons the Bede's Music department is deeply committed to inspiring young people musically.

Bede's has a well-established musical tradition. The range of instrumental tuition and academic courses we offer is extremely broad, and our teachers and technicians are experts in their fields.

Our Co-Curricular programme offers innumerable opportunities for pupils to perform and include an orchestra, a range of choirs and an array of diverse, professional-standard ensembles.

This, in combination with our deep-seated belief that music offers the individual a chance to master the power inherent in both sound and silence, is why the Bede's Music department enjoys such a sparkling reputation.

Learning music improves teamwork, communication and builds self-esteem.

It enables young minds to explore their own emotions and interpret those of others, which in turn fosters more sophisticated, empathetic minds - minds which are expanded and often more capable as a result of learning an instrument.

At Bede's, we believe that learning music is critical to the overall development of young people, and our exciting musical programme brings vibrancy, spontaneity and beauty to school life. 

With this in mind, we hope that you join us soon to share in one of our up-and-coming recitals and, if you are so inclined, send us a review or some feedback about what you saw.

Robert Scamardella
As an Old Bedian myself, it is a great pleasure to help a new generation to realise their huge potential in all that they do, both in and out of the classroom.

Robert Scamardella , Director of Music and Dorms House Tutor

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Pupil Stories

  • Anna Moody, Upper Fifth

    This school makes you feel like you have a lot of doors open to you. For that, and many other reasons, I am really thankful.

    Anna Moody, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2013
  • Ivan Friedman, First Year

    My teachers won't let me give up. They always challenge me and will help by giving me extra lessons one-to-one.

    Ivan Friedman, First Year Interviewed in 2012
  • Olivia Prince-Smith, Lower Fifth

    The best thing about Bede's is the way the school makes time for me to do the things I'm passionate about.

    Olivia Prince-Smith, Lower Fifth Interviewed in 2012
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Bede's Music staff

As an Old Bedian myself, it is a great pleasure to help a new generation to realise their huge potential in all that they do, both in and out of the classroom.

Robert Scamardella, Director of Music and Dorms House Tutor

Seeing student potential and helping to nurture it are two of the most rewarding aspects of teaching. The possibilities of the creative mind are endless.

Louise Morris, Head of Bede's Diploma and EPQ Supervisor

With the possibilities created by modern Music production technology there is no student potential that need go untapped.

Steven Hopkins, Head of Music Production and Music Technician

In the words of Ludwig van Beethoven, Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. That's not to say that all wisdom and philosophy aren't great too, of course!

Simon Savage, Teacher of Music