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The Music industry is highly competitive, with aspiring performers needing thorough preparation in all aspects of the business.

In the Music Performance course, which is Sixth Form-only, there is a much greater emphasis on live performance and the development of organisational and promotional skill, as well as event planning, than in the more traditional A Level course.

Across the two years, pupils explore performance styles and develop performing skills across many genres, including Jazz, Blues, Soul, Reggae, Country, Rock and Funk.

They also learn the fundamentals of arranging music and will experiment with performing well-known tunes in completely different styles.

As well as ensemble playing, the course also emphasises the individual both in terms of their performance and pre-performance preparations.

Along the way, pupils learn the importance of developing technical skill, with the work culminating in their own solo performances and the annual Bede's BTEC Gig. 

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Robert Scamardella
As an Old Bedian myself, it is a great pleasure to help a new generation to realise their huge potential in all that they do, both in and out of the classroom.

Robert Scamardella , Director of Music and Dorms House Tutor

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Music Performance staff


With the possibilities created by modern Music production technology there is no student potential that need go untapped.

Steven Hopkins, Head of Music Production and Music Technician

In the words of Ludwig van Beethoven, Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. That's not to say that all wisdom and philosophy aren't great too, of course!

Simon Savage, Teacher of Music