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Whether it's commercially released music or music/sound for other media such as film, video, TV, radio production, live-sound or video games, there are many career avenues and professional arenas demanding skilled sound engineers, audio programmers and producers.

In the Music Technology department at Bede's, there is a strong emphasis on learning through doing. We have a very well-resourced studio facility integrating both analogue and digital technologies, and there are a vast number of concerts and other events where 'Music Tech' pupils learn live sound reinforcement techniques, working with outside industry experts on larger events and utilising state-of-the-art digital live sound consoles.

In Music Technology, pupils learn the principals of sound engineering and audio recording project management, working with software audio sequencers Logic Pro and Pro Tools HD.

All pupils who undertake the Music Technology BTEC in the Sixth Form leave with an impressive audio portfolio which demonstrates the variety of sound engineering techniques and skills they have developed.

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Steven Hopkins
With the possibilities created by modern Music production technology there is no student potential that need go untapped.

Steven Hopkins, Head of Music Technology, Teacher of Music and Knights House Tutor

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