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The philosophy which guides Bede's is clear: to cherish the value of each and every individual, to ascribe equal importance to all forms of genuine and worthy achievement, to ensure that each pupil is able to achieve the very best possible results.

The PE Department is fully in support of this philosophy: as a department, it is as proud of the pupil who achieves success in foundation level performance as it is of its successful elite performer's candidates, and it relishes the opportunity to inspire, help and improve all the pupils who come under its aegis.

The Physical Education curriculum contributes towards the promotion of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils through a range of activities in both the formal and informal curriculum.

We empower pupils to develop a positive self image and also to care for not only each other but also their school environment.

As teachers we show respect for each individual's contribution and are sensitive to their needs and feelings.

Developing knowledge of one's strengths and weaknesses enables each pupil to accept both success and failure and to develop an appreciation of the achievements of others.

Through the development of positive relationships and self image it is hoped that when they use the school environment during Co-Curricular sport, pupils are more likely to show respect towards and care for that environment.

Through activities such as athletics and games we address the issue relating to distinguishing right from wrong.

We develop social skills and promote positive relationships with others by encouraging pupils to cooperate, share and help others and by allowing them to take responsibility for equipment and the organisation of different activities.

We allow them to fulfil different roles within class, team, small group and partner activities.

Mary-Jane Newbery
Ultimately, PE aims to provide pupils with an understanding of the importance of physical wellbeing that they can adopt now and in the future.

Mary-Jane Newbery, Head of Physical Education

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Pupil Stories

  • Tommy Trenaman, Upper Fifth

    I’m Bede’s born and bred, and I have genuinely never met anyone who has joined and said they preferred their old school.

    Tommy Trenaman, Upper Fifth Interviewed in 2016
  • Archie Taylor, Lower Sixth

    My introverted nature meant that I was never going to prosper at my old school, but Bede’s has enabled me to flourish.

    Archie Taylor, Lower Sixth Interviewed in 2017
  • Ella Bartram, First Year

    If you don’t know what to expect from Bede’s, take it from me: this is the most friendly and supportive school you could imagine.

    Ella Bartram, First Year Interviewed in 2016
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Physical Education staff

The facilities and coaches at Bede's make it an ideal place for a budding sportsperson.

Mary-Jane Newbery, Head of Physical Education and Bloomsbury House Tutor

Aside from academia, I believe in helping students to develop social skills and encourage them to cooperate, share and help others.

David Caryer, Director of Football, Teacher of Physical Education and Knights House Tutor

I am passionate about empowering pupils to develop a positive self image and to care for themselves, each other and their school environment.

Kyra Merchant, Teacher of Physical Education and Bloomsbury House Tutor